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NewsBro - Easy News Reader Pro

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*****ADS FREE VERSION*****NewsBro - Easy News Reader application not only improves user news reading experience in smartphone & tablet but also boosts webpage loading speed. Different from other news readers, NewsBro can scrape & process pages directly from original news homepage without any delay for RSS or third-party servers updating. Therefore, NewsBro is a true news reader, not RSS reader.Works as a powerful news reader, NewsBro scrapes news homepages to display as list-based layout and then notifies all new stories to user. Moreover, the article content is re-formatted to remove ads and unnecessary elements before fitting its layout for device screen. News articles can be read as book pages with re-sizable text & changeable reading background color.
Key functions of NewsBro:
- Site Bookmark management- Convert news homepage & article layout to fit device screen- Save loading time & data bandwidth while loading the webpages- Detect new stories which just updated from news homepage- Cache files & images for better performance & save data bandwidth- Switching Text Mode & Web Mode while reading article- Changing browser User Agent for PC/Mobile version of website- Change text size & background color- Open urls from other browsers through Share Page menu to quickly reading a page in Reading Text Mode with Newsbro from other apps.
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